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Meet Gordon Ball

Gordon Ball grew up on the banks of the Pigeon River and saw first hand what pollution from a North Carolina paper mill can do to a community. As a country lawyer from Cocke County he has been fighting for landowners against polluters and fighting for consumers throughout his career.

Gordon graduated from ETSU and the University of Memphis College of Law. He has had a tremendously successful career as a defense attorney, federal prosecutor and class action attorney. He was a delegate to the last state constitutional convention and helped re-write our current Constitution.

Gordon had a high profile career as a defense attorney and was at the center of the action in the Butcher trials and in the trials involving the Ray Blanton administration, winning acquittals in the face of long odds for his clients.

From his Nashville law office, he fights for consumers with antitrust and consumer protection lawsuits to keep corporate America honest. Whether it's insurance rates, over-priced prescription drugs or medical supplies, milk industry price-fixing or TVA fly ash pollution, he continues the fight.

He has recovered billions of dollars for American consumers during his career and
secured millions of dollars for charities, including environmental organizations like
Friends of the Smokies and for the University of Tennessee. He is an avid UT sports fan
and been a strong supporter of the Vols and the Lady Vols.

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